FINRA Broker Check

It's important for us to know as much about our clients' history as possible in order to assist them in reaching their goals. Barone Financial Group believes that this knowledge stream is a two way street.

We should know your history - You should know ours.

Transparancy is very important to us at Barone Financial Group. Not only is transparancy in our day-to-day business crucial, but transparancy of our past experiences is also something we value very highly. 

FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) has created a tool that allows anyone to dive into the history of advisors and find out crucial information that might not have been previously known. This tool is available for anyone to use and it helps with our mission to deliver a transparant client-advisor experience.

This tool is called BrokerCheck® and it can be accessed below.

Click on this box for Lori Barone's BrokerCheck® History